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Stretch yourself by all means, but relax as well. And in matters of the heart, put your feelings first, social pressures second.

What Your Sign's September Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Rewards for recent endeavours will come your way before long, possibly today. You should end the week feeling wealthier, wiser and more secure.

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And that in turn will encourage success in other areas of your life. Bury your head in the sand no longer! Whatever the case, do try to make some time for yourself. There is still plenty of tension around, but you can afford to take a deep breath and plan for a future free from certain imaginary worries and illusory fears.

Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

The next week could bring its share of mystery, so have your answers ready — and get a grip on the facts. This is the symbol for people born between November 22 and December 21 when the Sun is considered to be in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius Constellation is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, with the brightest star in the asterism called Teapot. It covers an area of square degrees. The Latin name for the Archer, the December 14 zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

The Spanish name it Sagitario while the French call it Sagittaire. Opposite sign: Gemini. This reflects upon courage and endearment and the fact that a cooperation between the Sagittarius and Gemini sun signs, whether in business or love is beneficial for both parts. Modality: Mobile.

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This modality proposes the analytical nature of those born on December 14 and their observance and creativity in regard to most life aspects. Ruling house: The ninth house. This house governs human transformation through travel and education and long journey. It is suggesting that we all should view life as a perpetual adventure with the aim to broaden our knowledge and spirituality. Ruling body: Jupiter. This association reveals confidence and ambition. The Jupiter name comes from the Roman leader of the gods.

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Jupiter also shares an insight on admiration. Element: Fire. This is the element that brings a sense of legitimacy, intuition and bravery to those connected with it such as people born under the December 14 zodiac. Lucky day: Thursday. This is a day ruled by Jupiter, therefore symbolizes prosperity and superiority and identifies best with the Sagittarius natives who are sweet. People born on December 14 have a great inspiration and an aspiring spirit and usually combine these two and get involved in a lot of enterprises.

They appear seductive and exert some sort of charm over everyone when they meet them the first time and in most cases, this fascination that they begin continues for longer. They know how to play their cards such way as to obtain what they want and are not afraid of a bit of a fight. Positive traits: Sociable and affectionate, these natives are also very direct and don't wait for long before saying what they really have in mind. They possess a strong sense of justice and try to instill it in those around them as well. They are humorous and energetic and manage to be contagious with these when in any social gathering no matter how small it is.

Negative traits: Dreamy and boastful, these natives are often overwhelmed by their idealism and set objectives that no one can attain. Then they emotionally burden everyone around them to support them.

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They are resistant in admitting when they are at fault and are often naive and easily disturbed. They are superstitious and cruel and often follow their own interest, without even considering the effects of that on those close to them. Lovers born on December 14 are passionate and persistent. They are very pretentious lovers who know exactly what they are looking for.

Unfortunately they are not very aware of where they could find that person so they prefer to focus on other aspects of life and expect love to happen. However their love happens notion includes knowing a person thoroughly before they even start dating.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

So their love is quite a calculated and cerebral love. And they are a pretentious lover. Freedom lover, they have an immense love for change and adventure and they will experience many love relationships in their life, that they will consider important. If they settle for one person, they will probably be hard to understand and they will still be governed by selfishness.

They are most compatible with those born on 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th. December 14 Zodiac people are very attracted to the other fire signs: Aries and Leo as they tend to share the same vision of life. Words can both heal and hurt, depending on how you choose to use them. Watch your tendency to be unkind to the ones you love, just because you can. If you need some time to process what you are going through, ask for it.

There are people who are willing to show up for you no matter what the circumstances. Be accountable for your time, money and energy, and how you choose to use your resources. Not everybody deserves a place in your innermost sanctum. Instead, focus on nurturing your real friendships, the ones that have survived the test of time and tide.

Sharing stories over mulled wine is just the therapy you need right now.

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  7. Cosmic tip: Invest in your real friendships, the ones that have survived the test of time and tide. Today brings with itself the reminder to be assertive on both, personal and professional fronts. For a lot of you, travel opportunities are knocking at the door. We all know how leaving things to chance is one of your least favourite things.

    Cosmic tip: Say yes to travel opportunities and start planning your trip pronto! Oh hello, cosmic clarity! The fog hath cleared, Libra.

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    You now know exactly what you want and how to get it—both personally and professionally. The law of action states that when you take a step in the direction of something you desire, the Universe takes a giant leap in your direction. With luck working in your favour, remember nothing is out of the league for you. Cosmic tip: Luck is working in your favour to make your wildest dreams come true. Instead, be the bigger person and see how you can rise above your circumstances. The path has already chosen you, Sag. The question is, do you have the courage to pursue it?

    You are in the midst of an important life change. Your soul purpose is becoming crystal clear to you. Follow the signs. Trust what your instinct is revealing to you.

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