Astrological houses explanation

The First House

In Astrology this is symbol for the Sun - which represents the Self. Thus Aurum represents Selfhood. Who am I and why am I here? Post a Comment. Meaning of the Houses. The self and the physical body, the persona, how we go into the world: doorway into the chart. Personal finances, land and money. Personal values, what we are attracted to —possessions, beauty, sense of security.

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Communication, thought patterns, interactions with people, learning abilities, technology, paperwork, short-distance trips, errands, siblings and neighbours, lower education and elementary schools,. Domestic environment, the actual physical home and the relationship with the mother, emotional root, inner self. Work ethic, health issues, attention to detail, service to others, work environment. Sex, death, taxes, insurance, inheritances and other peoples' money shared resources.

1st Astrological House

Deep transformation. Long-distance travel, world cultures, higher education, religion, philosophy, publishing and higher courts. Philosophy and soul expansion. Belief systems.

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Hearing that someone's "Venus is in the 10th house" or that their "fifth house is in Aries" may sound like literal astro-gibberish right now — but not to fear, sis-stars. You're about to get an explanation of astrological houses that will help you make a little more sense of your birth chart — and in turn, who you are according to the stars. Most people are already somewhat familiar with the concept of signs and planets in astrology, but all those planets are actually sprinkled throughout twelve astrological houses on your birth chart, each of which represents a different area of your life.

Which house — or area of your life — each of your planets is in affects how that planet's influence will manifest for you. Each of your houses will also be ruled by one of the twelve zodiac signs in your chart, which will give you even more insight into the area of your life ruled by that house.

Planets, signs, houses: Your guide to understanding astrology

Collectively, the 12 houses are said to represent all the areas of one's life and experience. Houses one through six are known as your "personal houses," or houses revolving around matters of your self, while houses seven through 12 are your "interpersonal houses," or houses relating to your connection to the world around you. That pie is divided up into overlapping slices — one wheel of slices being the twelve astrological houses that we're talking about which you can see above. That makes up the zodiac wheel and the basis of every birth chart.

The second set of overlapping slices in a birth chart represents the 12 signs of the zodiac, and these will look different for everybody. So whichever sign-slice the cusp of each house-slice falls in is the sign that rules that house in your personal chart.

2nd Astrological House

That said, each house also has its own natural planetary ruler and sign that may differ from your personal one. So, just because, for instance, the first house of the zodiac is ruled by the sign Aries and the planet Mars, it could easily be in the sign Libra with the planet Mercury in it in your birth chart. I know, it's a little confusing; is this pie analogy helping or just making you hungry? You'll want to know which sign each of your houses falls in, and which planets you have in each house. If all of this sounds complicated, not to fear. A professional astrologer can be a huge help when it comes navigating your birth chart and understanding the houses as well as the signs and planets that you have in each of them, so I highly recommend consulting one if you really want the inside scoop on your astrological self.

It's amazing how much insight you can gain into your life, personality, habits, relationships — everything. Cosmic therapy, for real. Let's take an astrological open-house tour, shall we? These are the basic meanings for each of the 12 houses in astrology. Once you've got that down, take a look at the sign that each house falls into in your chart as well as the planets you have living in each to find out even more about how these apply to you.

What it represents: Your first house is also known as the "ascendant" and it begins our ride through the astrological houses.

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  • It represents "you" in the simplest terms, and governs both our self-image and the image we project to others. It even literally rules over our physical appearance. As described by AstroStyle , the first house very fittingly "covers the all 'firsts': first impressions, the self and appearance, leadership, new initiatives, fresh starts and beginnings.

    It's important to note that "[a]ny planets in this house will greatly influence your personality and how others perceive you," according to Astro Library. What it represents: The second house is all about money, wealth, and earthly possessions including your five senses! It also deals with value — and when I say value, I mean both how you value material things and how you value yourself. On the darker side, this is also an area of the chart that, depending on your placements, could indicate issues of greed, low self-worth, or financial hardship.

    What it represents: The third house, as Spirit Articles put it, " extends our sense of self outwards and represents the communication with others " — so everything from how you express yourself through words and actions to virtual communication via the internet and your devices.

    The Twelve Astrological Houses and Their Meaning by Degree |

    It also deals with things relating to your environment early in life — like siblings and neighbors, your mind when it comes to "lower" forms of thinking , and primary school. And as it's ruled by chatty Gemini and communication-forward Mercury, "gossiping, chatting and small-talk are definitely also represented here," as described by The Astro Codex.

    What it represents: This house is your foundation literally, it's found at the very bottom of the zodiac wheel! Planets here can indicate a lot of energy going toward your family life. What it represents: This house is all about creative energy and the attainment and expression of your pleasure — in short, it's about having fun!

    This covers things like hobbies and recreational activities that you do just to make yourself happy, as well as all things related to romance, love affairs, and casual sex.